marinated olives


garlic, thyme, rosemary, lemon

gochujang cheesy garlic bread


on ciabatta

beef tartare


crostini, quail egg


salmon teriyaki


sesame rice cake, wasabi mayo, pickled cucumber, caviar

squid rings


pineapple salsa, fried spinach, thai sauce

beef short ribs


pumpkin maple puree, crispy mushroom

pork belly bao


pickled cabbage, chilli, sriracha mayo, cilantro

shiitake gyoza


crispy shallots, soy dipping sauce

chicken wings


tamarind chutney, slaw




beer battered, served with house made aioli

PJ's loaded fries


topped with gravy, melted cheese, jalapeños

charred greens


seasonal greens, chilli butter, dukkha

roast vegetables


seasonal root vegetables, pesto


eye fillet


pea puree, pomme fondant, charred onion, green peppercorn jus

clam spaghetti


cherry tomato, garlic, chilli, basil, chardonnay, green oil

honey jalapeño chicken burger


tomato & tamarind chutney, asian slaw, fries, house made aioli

lamb rump


kumara puree, chickpea tagine, blackberry jus

pesca P.O.A.

market fish, butternut risotto, basil, truffle oil, parmigiano reggiano

tofu curry laksa


heikken noodles, coconut curry broth, lotus chips, bean sprouts

duck leg


mustard potato, confit cabbage, plum sauce, kumara puree

PJ's grill burger


pickles, slaw, chimichurri mayo, fries

add bacon $4
add egg $3
add cheese $2

fish and chips


beer battered dory fillet, tartare sauce, slaw, fries

curry of the day


green apple pickle, saffron rice, raita, papadom

chefs special


beef T-bone, blue cheese butter, tiger prawns, honey roasted root vegetables, red wine jus




tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil

meat lovers


chorizo, bacon, ham, red onion, olives, BBQ sauce



arugula, parmigiano reggiano, prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella



shrimp, spinach, pinenuts, ricotta, cherry tomato, yum yum sauce

chicken grandé


cajun chicken, artichokes,
eggplant, cherry tomato, peri-peri sauce, pesto


sticky toffee pudding


butterscotch sauce, caramel popcorn, rum and raisin

cheese platter


assorted cheeses, seasonal fruits, cured meats, crackers, apricot jam, strawberry jam



espresso shot, salted caramel ice cream, biscoff

add liqueur $10

classic cheesecake


coconut sorbet, chocolate soil